So What’s Next?

Today is Graduation Day at Heritage College & Seminary.  At 10:30 a.m. a gathering of students, families, staff and faculty will assemble in Cambridge to celebrate milestones in the lives of over 60 students.  During the morning, ‘graduands’ will become ‘graduates’ and will join the illustrious ranks of the Heritage Alumni.  For some this has been a 1 year (8 months to be exact) trek, for others 2, 3, 4 years, shall I continue? have been spent in training, becoming better equipped to pursue the will of God, which Scripture reminds us is good, acceptable and perfect.

So what’s next? What will these graduates do Sunday? Monday? Next month? Next year? Time will tell where their journey with the Lord will take them.

I’ve been thinking about the graduating class of 2017 as I’ve been pondering Acts 1:12-14.  With the Ascension of Jesus in the past tense, the disciples move forward.  They take steps. They make decisions. They do what they have been told – namely, wait for the gift of the Father to be given to them in Jerusalem.

What are the steps they take? Look at the verbs Luke chooses to cite their activity.

  1. They returned – They had been out on the Mount of Olives, a familiar location where they had gone many times, but Jesus had exhorted them ‘Do not leave Jerusalem.’
  2. They arrived…went upstairs – Are they in the same Upper Room where the Last Supper was held? Quite likely.  What memories would have flooded their minds as they walked into the room? Jesus had eaten with them, taught them, washed their feet and served them.  Now they were alone–or were they?
  3. They all joined together constantly in prayer – There is nothing quite like a corporate prayer meeting.  I’ve been under conviction to strengthen my prayer life.  I’ve been praying more, and seeking to incorporate more Scripture into my prayers.  I’m blessed on so many occasions in meeting with leaders when they suggest, ‘Can I pray for you?’ Who would refuse the prayers of godly leaders?  The apostolic band was meeting to pray–to confess their absolute dependence upon God and press Him for wisdom and grace.

What will students, staff and faculty do after this busy academic year?  Head home, go back to our communities where we live and where God has placed us.  We go prayerfully.  We go purposefully.  We go confident that our God has gone ahead of us.

‘Where He  leads me I will follow….’   Yes, Lord.  Yes. Yes. Yes.


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