What causes you to be overjoyed? The win of your favourite sports team?  Acceptance into a prestigious university?  A new promotion at work?  

We all have things that encourage us, even excite us, but when is the last time we were overjoyed? Joy, true joy, the fruit-of-the-Spirit type of joy seems to be in short supply.  There is no hold up in God’s provision but when we choose the wrong things to generate joy, we resort to experiencing happiness which so often rests of what is happening.

On the day Christ rose from the dead, word began to spread about this death-defying truth.  The women, who had gone to anoint the body with spices, first spread the word and were thwarted in their planned mission.  Mystery turned to wonder, perplexity turned to worship as they encountered the angelic messengers and the Lord himself.

Later that evening, ten of Christ’s closest followers were gathered together.  They had locked the doors, perhaps even double-bolting them, for fear of the Jews.  What was the topic of conversation as they gathered again together?  Sudden deaths trigger all kinds of conversations and with the death of Jesus compounded now with the reports of his resurrection, emotions, I’m sure, were running high.  Did they reflect on the tragedy of the life of Judas?  Feelings of guilt had driven him to despair.  How did they process the reality of Peter’s denial?  His bitter tears early Friday morning were certainly part of his new testimony.

Suddenly Jesus came and stood among them, proclaiming ‘Peace be with you!’  To confirm the reality of his risen body, he showed them his hands and side.

Their response? ‘The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.”

Amazing!  Staggering!  So what he said was….no it IS true.  Jesus is alive!

Let’s worship Him today! And as we see Him, really see Him, through songs and hymns, through Scripture readings and biblical preaching we too will be overjoyed, don’t you think?  Let’s not miss out, like Thomas, who had to postpone His experience of worship!

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