Your Petitions or God’s?

Is it ‘my kingdom come, my will be done’ or ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done?’ You’d think that after multiple repetitions of what is popularly known as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ I’d be clearer on the answer.  Is not the essence of being a Christ-follower surrendering my will to His will, my plans to His?

I’m writing this post from New York City.  I am on a trip headed to South Asia for an anticipated Congress stirring leaders up to Global Proclamation.  A few months back when I purchased my flight tickets, I honestly didn’t look too carefully at the details.  As long as I left my country and arrived in Thailand and later returned, Lord willing, the details didn’t matter much.

I arrived at LaGuardia airport yesterday and realized the challenge I was facing.  Ever been there? In front of the terminal were buses, shuttles, taxis, etc jammed together in ‘New York style.’ I spoke to a bus agent, but he couldn’t ‘guarantee’ I would arrive in time to JFK, the other airport in this metropolis, and he assured me – “The tickets are non-refundable.” The line-up for taxis was crazy, but providentially I was selected and with other passengers heading to the same destination we attempted to depart.  I could have walked faster.  

I arrived at JFK, at the check-in counter, to discover the gate was closed and boarding was impossible.  To shorten the story, the airline was excellent in rerouting my trip and I just had to ‘Hurry up and wait’ 18 hours until the next flight.

I share this account not for pity.  I’m grateful for those who are praying and I’m learning a few things through this change.

In Mark 11, Jesus and the growing crowd of followers approach Jerusalem.  They have arrived for the annual Passover and in the will of God, Jesus himself would be the final Passover lamb.

As they near the city Jesus sent two of his disciples on a mission.  Which two?  We don’t know and aren’t told in any of the four gospel accounts.  The sender, the Master, is clearly identified.  They two sent–not so much! Why? Because the story is all about Him, His life, His death, His obedience to the Father’s will.  The whole essence of the Scriptures breathes Jesus Christ – John 5:39-40 affirms this.  

So to summarize Palm Sunday’s activity in 4 words that could be ‘tweeted’ or ‘posted’ in today’s media-saturated society – “He sent…they went” or in a longer post ‘Go…and you will find–They went and found.’ 

The instructions were precise in just three sentences.  The issue is not the length of the communication, is it?  There was no need for clarification.  The disciples knew exactly what they were to do and why they were to do it.  Jesus, the one they are following, is the Lord.  He needs a donkey and evidences His sovereign persuasion over all things.  I’ve raised a few donkeys for an enjoyable period when we ‘farmed,’ (thanks to Fred B, who entrusted us with their care), and know that donkeys are usually quite, shall we say ‘resistant?’

Shall be be more ‘resistant’ than the donkey who has led back to Jesus by two of his followers?  Are the disciples growing in obedience?  Are we?  What specific instructions shall we follow today?  Let’s pray early on, today and every day, ‘Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ In the context of Psalm 20 from which today’s picture is taken, the requests/petitions that are to be fulfilled, are pivotally linked to ‘the anointed of the LORD’ ‘the Christ’ the One who demonstrated obedience to ‘death, even death upon the cross.’

If you are interested in the events of this day in Church History – Check out this link from Christian History which includes the death of G.K. Chesterton, a remarkable Roman Catholic apologist and wit.  Have you read any of his many books?  How about ‘Orthodoxy?’ 

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