“What About You?”

Everyone is looking for an opinion.  Regularly through telephone, in person, email and other means, pollsters are seeking my people.  What do I think? What would I do? What preferences do I have? Companies collect all kinds of information and base their decisions upon the feedback they receive.

Yesterday’s Financial Post carried an article on Silent Enraged Consumers, how Canadians are less likely than others around our globe to bad mouth companies online when they have had a negative customer experience, according to a new survey from Accenture.

In courtrooms across many nations, people swear “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…” Truth matters and the consequences of spiritual truth are eternal.

Jesus pressed His disciples for a direct answer to the question – “Who do people say I am?” What was the ‘buzz’ circulating through the crowds who had heard of, or interacted with the Messiah.

#1 John the Baptist; #2 Elijah; #3 One other Prophets – Not everyone agreed.  Each opinion was based upon perception, upon a combination of observations and interpretations of this Miracle worker. 

Jesus pressed even further with His “But what about you?” “Who do you say I am?”

Some people I know have never been able to answer this question.  They don’t know who Jesus is.  Others have picked up ‘part’ of His biography, but still don’t grasp the full picture.

Peter’s answer, “You are the Christ,” is all that Mark records.  Other gospels round out His fuller declaration of who Jesus was.  The Messiah, the Christ was before them.  They were seeing Emmanuel – God with us, the Word made flesh, the One predicted by the prophets of old.

I ask you–the regular or occasional reader of this blog–Who is Jesus? Is this not the most important question to understand and answer?  Have you confessed openly your faith in the Saviour? Have you understood why He came?  May you this day bow your knee before and confess with your mouth clearly that “Jesus Christ is Lord!” 

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