The Spirit of Christ

Search ‘The spirit of Christmas’ on Google and you’ll find 15,800,000 results. An animated short film, a gesture done which the media deems newsworthy, a full length movie, musical albums, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The Holy Spirit is referred to as the Spirit of Christ. Search ‘The Spirit of Christ’ and you’ll find 62,800,000 results. On this CHRISTmas day, 2015, let’s reflect briefly on the moving activity of the Holy Spirit as He interacts with some of the Incarnation’s main characters.

Zechariah – an older priest, dressed in religious garments, seen in the context of the temple, his normal place of employment. As he encounters an angel, he is told (Luke 1:15) that the child to be born to him will be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb. Fascinating! An unborn child, filled with the Holy Spirit who will grow up to be a Spirit-filled prophet who will pay with his life for his fidelity to his godly convictions.  Later, as Zechariah’s imposed silence is broken, filled with the Holy Spirit he prophesies, connecting God’s covenant faithfulness with his current life experience.

Mary – a young teen, barely beginning adulthood, who is given notice that her womb will carry the Son of God. The doctrine of the Virgin Birth is not some optional ‘extra’ but an essential statement regarding the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. Conceived by the Holy Spiri, this holy Child will manifest an anointing and leading by the Holy Spirit throughout His entire earthly life.

Elizabeth – an older Judean woman, married to Zechariah, who had felt the disgrace and reproach of being barren. As Mary visits her in Judea, filled with the Holy Spirit, she blesses Mary and the unborn Christchild.

Simeon – this older man of faith and faithfulness has been waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled. Led by the Spirit of God, he encounters the Son of God and offers praise to the LORD.

So what does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? It means to be led by Him, guided by Him to Jesus Christ in a deliberate act of worship and surrender. May this CHRISTmas day be the beginning of a mighty work of God’s Spirit in your own life, your family, your community!  That’s the SPIRIT of CHRIST!

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