The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

Those who serve in the legal profession, particularly in courtrooms, must hear the words, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” frequently. Witnesses are called to place their hand on a Bible, or if this is not acceptable, an alternate is found, and then they declare their affirmation to the truth.

North American law, if my high school law class taught me correctly, is rooted in English common law. The Bible was seen as an absolute standard and placing one’s hand on the Bible provided a visual commitment to speak only the truth. Throughout history, of course, this practice has not guaranteed that the evidence presented would not be fabricated.

For the next few posts, I want to walk with you through 2 John, a thirteen verse letter written in the first century, which reflects the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Truth matters! Consider this brief overview today….

1) Christians LOVE in the truth (v.1)

2) Christians KNOW the truth (v.1)

3) Christians LIVE in the truth (v.2)

4) Christians are ACCOMPANIED by the truth forever (v.2)

5) Christians experience the ATTRIBUTES of God in truth (v.3)

6) Christians, even young Christians, are called to WALK in the truth (v.4)

Jesus Christ is the TRUTH. His affirmation in John 14:6 clarifies the uniqueness of His person and work. He is not ‘a’ truth’ or ‘some’ truth, but TRUTH Himself.

John, the author of this shorter letter, had heard this claim and had been changed by it. He had built his life upon the truth and had given himself to know and share the truth, as God provided opportunities. He lived truth. He wrote truth. He preached truth. He practiced truth. God has called us to nothing less.  We too must live, write, preach and practice truth. I trust it doesn’t take our hand on a Bible to make this commitment. Sadly, if you have been following current trends, even among evangelical trends, you will know that there is a shifting from the truth. I’ve been reading various books penned by a variety of writers.    Admissions like “I’m no bible scholar, but….” should be warning signs. Experience is trumping truth. Strong affirmations are being made because authors ‘feel’ this new insight. Of all the spiritual gifts we need today, I’m convinced we desperately need the gift of discernment.

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