Faithful Brothers….Like Silas

Would anyone describe you as ‘faithful?’

The Apostle Peter had his fair share of contacts. Were he alive today he would have lots of LinkedIn connections, tons of TWITTER followers and crowds of CONTACTS.  

As he begins a paragraph of final greetings, he pays tribute to a faithful brother, namely Silas. No details are given but somehow Silas had been a ‘help’ to Peter. Give Silas a job and it would be done. Perhaps some menial behind-the-scenes duty that noone else cared for was willingly done by this believer.

We meet Silas in Acts 15 where at the first church council he was chosen by the apostles, elders and the entire congregation. This has its own implications for church governance doesn’t it? Not only leaders but members were part of the selection process. (I’ll leave this discussion for another post, but we need to study this topic carefully from the text of Scripture.)

Silas was chosen, along with Judas, to distribute a letter to the Gentile congregations in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia. He was a prophet and his ministry brought much encouragement and strength to the brothers. In the following paragraph of Acts 15, the ‘son of encouragement’ (Barnabas), conflicts with Paul over plans for a 2nd missionary trip. Silas becomes the new ‘encourager’ and fellow leader with Paul and they together push the boundaries in their proclamation of the gospel. Acts 16 depicts their ‘encounter’ within the city of Philippi where they, like many leaders throughout church history, including the Canadian Baptist Heron brothers, did some jail time.

Peter would have met Silas at that first council but Scripture is sparse with information about their further interaction. Regardless, Peter views Silas a faithful brother in the writing of this letter. Perhaps Silas was the scribe while Peter dictated his Spirit-led sentences.

To be faithful is to be trustworthy. Just this past week I bemoaned a situation with a new colleague that some students refuse ‘small’ assignments in ministry as they wait for more ‘recognition.’ I doubt, if this continues, that anyone would describe such students as ‘faithful.’

As I close this post, why not enjoy Steve Green’s ‘Find Us Faithful.’ Make this your prayer today, if you a Christ follower who, by God’s grace, longs to be faithful.

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