In CHRIST Alone!

One of my favourite hymns is “In Christ Alone….”  I’m looking forward to the Gettys concert in October when they come to Oshawa to lead us in a God-glorifying evening of worship!  Thursday, October 15th – Check Calvary Baptist’s website for details.

Peter, in writing to those who have been rescued by Christ, centres his focus on Christ and Christ alone in v. 19-21 as he draws this paragraph to a close.

“…but with the precious blood of CHRIST, a lamb without blemish or defect.  HE was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.  Through HIM you believe in God who raised HIM from the dead and glorified HIM, and so your faith and hope are in God.”  (NIV)

What do we learn about Christology in these few verses?  “The study of Christ” is one of the great fields of study in Systematic Theology, where doctrinal themes are developed in a systematic, topical format.

1) The blood of CHRIST is precious.  It is of inestimable worth.   All the ‘silver or gold’ or material wealth cannot compare in value.  Many days I hear of stock market prices as gold, silver, currencies and commodities fluctuate in their value.   Who would have thought that gold would reach over $1200 per ounce?  The blood of CHRIST is precious – precious to GOD, and precious to those who have been cleansed by it.

2) The character of CHRIST is blameless.  Peter uses the illustration of a lamb, the most perfect specimen of the flock without any blemish or defect.  Through Old Testament days, sinners had to bring a perfect lamb, a spotless lamb as a sacrifice because that innocent, flawless animal was pointing ahead to the LAMB of God.   Who, but Christ, has even been able to say, “I always do those things which please the Father?”

3) The existence of CHRIST is eternal.  He is the eternal Son of God and God’s central purposes in salvation were established in eternity.   In time, God chose to reveal this amazing Saviour, and we are the blessed benefactors of this plan.

4) The access provided through CHRIST is essential.  We believe in God through CHRIST.  We don’t need any religious figure to offer some type of mediation.  We have the eternal God-Man, the Man Christ Jesus.   God confirmed the accuracy of this necessary choice by raising HIM from the dead.   (On a side note we may accurately assert God the Father raised Jesus from death.  Jesus Christ raised Himself (“I have power to lay my life down and power to take it again.)  The Spirit (Romans 1:4) also was involved in the resurrection.

So what may we sing as we reflect on these amazing truths?

“IN CHRIST ALONE my hope is found…..”   “My hope is built on nothing less than JESUS’ blood and righteousness….”  He alone is our SAVIOUR!

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