Taking Inventory

Have you ever helped in taking inventory?  Today, electronic tools make the job so much easier.   Scanning products with automatic tabulation is much simpler than doing a physical count.  Many stores, with a decent computer system, automatically update their inventories through the daily sales.

In I Peter 1:9 Peter is helping the Christians, who are scattered throughout the Roman Provinces which today constitute Turkey, to calculate the myriad of blessings they have received from God.

1) New Birth

2) Living Hope

3) Imperishable, Unspoiling, Unfading Inheritance

4) All Kinds of Trials

5) An Inexpressible & Glorious Joy

6) Salvation

In the original Greek text, in which these verses were written, verses 3-12 “constitute one very long sentence that is composed of a series of subordinate clauses modifying the main clause “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  (www.biblicalscholarship.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/commentary-in-1-peter-13-12/)

We should take inventory, full inventory of the blessings of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ and then offer a great note of praise back to Him.

1) New Birth – “cause to be born again” serves as an apt illustration of the new life which has begun.  Those who of you who have recently witnessed the birth of babies have a deeper appreciation for the illustration.  God has ‘birthed’ us into a new way of living.  We have been ‘born again’ and have launched a journey with a new family.

2) Living Hope – We don’t fasten our hope in some expired leader whose writings are lifeless.  Our hope is in Christ, in Christ alone, who lives to make intercession for us.

3) Inheritance – We may have a limited inheritance awaiting us here on earth.   We may receive nothing of great value from our forebears but God has “the best” still “yet come.”  This inheritance, provided for us by God, is not a declining investment, fluctuating with the whims of an unstable economy.  No, it has been placed in eternal stock, backed by God Himself.

4) All Kinds of Trials – We take inventory of these and thank God for them because we know God has a plan and purpose in all of them.  We don’t claim to know the “why” of life’s mysterious events but we are learning to trust Him.

5) Joy – The joy God has given us almost causes us to “burst.”  Noone seems to understand why we have that “glow” that “evidence” of the Spirit’s presence.  

6) Salvation – We have been saved.  We are being saved.  WE will be saved.   We are receiving the goal of our faith the salvation of our souls!

Yes, inventory-taking may require tons of time and energy.  But the results of the process help us to assess accurately where we really are in our walk with God.   The long list of benefits gives us ample food for thought, plenty of substance for praise and more than enough reasons to praise our great God!

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