Where’s The Fruit?

After spending Palm Sunday night in Bethany, Jesus, early in the morning, headed back into the city of Jerusalem. It seems his host had not fed him so he was hungry.  By the side of the road he saw a fig tree in full leaf but missing fruit.   Jesus cursed the fig tree and immediately it withered!

I wonder how much we seek to ‘appear’ fruitful when our lives are producing little evidence of God’s work.  What would Christ discover in our lives when He comes to examine them closely?  

Two Scriptures God has used in my life repeatedly  to challenge and encourage are Philippians 1:22 & Galatians 5:22,23 (NIV) “If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labour for me.”  That’s what I long for in my life and ministry.  I’m not afraid of the labour.   Ministry is hard work and often proves tiring.  Fruitful labour happens when we become channels through whom God, by His Spirit, may work.   “The fruit of the Spirit is…,”  Paul reminds the Galatian churches.   No human effort can produce the love, joy, peace, etc that the Spirit can generate.  

As we enter into the season of Spring, long anticipated in parts of the world, we’ll see lots of blossoms.   Fruit trees of all kinds will give anticipated evidence of future productivity.   May God in this season of our lives so work in us that the evidence is unmistakable that He has made us fruitful!   May this week, which marks the core of the gospel work of Jesus Christ, prove enriching, challenging and a source of fruitful meditation!

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