Shouting For Help

In sharing a brief meditation at chapel this week from Mark 10 I asked our Bible College/Seminary students how someone who was shouting in a church service would be treated?  Noone answered my question, but I’m sure we’ve concluded that a “shouter” would be escorted from the premises.

In Mark 10:46-52 Jesus arrives at Jericho on His journey with His disciples to Jerusalem, the city of the great king.  A large crowd is with them as faithful followers of the delivering YAHWEH make their way to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.   

Just outside the city, a blind man is sitting by the side of the road begging.  Perhaps this will be a good day with generous pilgrims leaving alms with this needy soul, but GOD had other plans.  Good news travels quickly, even in first century Palestine, and the blind man hears the crowds and the news that Jesus, the Son of David, is coming.  What did this handicapped man know of Jesus?  What reputation had spread throughout the country?  Determined to gain attention, this man begins to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  This was hardly the only man who needed mercy, but he appears the only one willing to ask.

His asking resulted in receiving, his seeking resulted in finding, his knocking resulted in doors being opened to the mercy of Jesus.   He had the Lord’s attention.  Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.”  The blind man was overjoyed!  The crowds who had tried to silence him, now spoke words of hope.  Without hesitation, the blind man, jumped to his feet and came to Jesus.  Isn’t that the prospect that awaits those who seek the Lord’s help?  Have you not found that the Lord delights in showing mercy?

Jesus probes this needy man with the same question He had put to James and John in their overzealous engagement portrayed in verses 35-45.  “What do you want me to do for you?”  What an opportunity!  A blank cheque, as it were, from the one whose account was full of mercy!

The blind man has one request – SIGHT!  “Rabbi, I want to see.”

As we move into this final week of Christ’s life with Palm Sunday being marked this weekend, let’s seek the mercy of the Lord, not just for ourselves, though we desperately need it, but for others.   Pray specifically!  Pray directly! Pray in faith!  Pray expectantly and you too will discover the joy of meeting Jesus.   Don’t let anyone silence your requests – “Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking!”  Then jump to your feet, come to Jesus and encounter the One who can supply your greatest need!

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