First Things First

What are your priorities?  Not, what do you think your priorities are, but what are your priorities?  The choices we make, small and large, reflect the priorities we prefer.

In Luke 5:12-15, a man came along to Jesus, covered with leprosy.   I have been reflecting on this dreaded disease, evidenced through the pages of Scripture, (e.g. Naaman, Gehazi, etc.), and its dreadful consequences.  Lepers were ‘outcasts’ and were banned from contact with ‘healthy’ people lest the disease spread.  But here is a man who seeing Jesus, falls with His face to the ground and desperately pleads for help.  Serious physical, mental, spiritual, financial, emotional and other types of needs drive the earnest seeker to the feet of Jehovah-Jireh, the LORD our provider.   Some how this leprous man knew that Jesus, if He was but willing, could make him clean.

The response of Jesus demonstrates the mercy, compassion and great kindness of God.  Jesus touched the ‘untouchable’ and brought instant cleansing to His life!  Isn’t that what Jesus has done for seeking sinners?  Well might we sing, 

“He touched me, O, He touched me, 

and O the joy that floods my soul, 

Something happened and now I know,

He touched me and made me whole.”

Jesus now orders this man to follow the requirements of the Law of Moses, “Go, show yourself to the priest and offer the sacrifices that Moses commanded for your cleansing, as a testimony to them.”  Christ had not come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it.  If the leprous man obeyed, he would be providing testimony to the powerful work of Christ.

News spread about this miraculous event.  Messiah, the healer, had come!  Let’s go and hear Him.  Let’s seek healing from Him. If He healed others, He could also heal us, if He was willing.

Now we come to the priority text.  Though swamped with crowds of anxious seekers, Jesus prioritized prayer.  “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”  Spiritual priorities don’t just happen.  Spiritual disciplines and progress in them don’t happen by accident.  We must prioritize God’s priorities – “But SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of GOD….” Jesus will command His disciples.  

What are your spiritual priorities?  Who really has first place in your life?

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