The Grumbling Song

Are you a grumbler? a faultfinder? Some people have these two skills as specialties on their profiles! A day seldom passes, an hour rarely goes by without them grumbling and nitpicking away at others.

Jude’s critique of the false teachers of his day included a notation that “These men are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.”

There’s a ride at Disney World in Florida that plays the classic “It’s A Small World After All” ad nauseum as you ‘enjoy’ the ride. I recall hearing a malfunctioning of that ride with patrons stuck with this endless tune being played while they waited to be rescued. Those who ‘live self-centred lives, who spend their time grumbling, faultfinding, following their own evil desires, boasting about themselves and flattering others for their own advantage,’ surely live in a small world. It’s all about them, their lives, their accomplishments, their advantage.

Genuine Christ-followers have been captured with the essence of a chorus we sang in Sunday School in years gone by….

“Jesus and Others and You,
What a wonderful way to spell JOY,
Jesus and Others and You,
In the life of each girl and each boy,
J is for JESUS, for HE has first place,
O is for OTHERS you meet face to face,
Y is for you and whatever you do,
Put yourself last and spell joy – J-O-Y!

False teachers, who have never encountered the living Christ, never do learn this tune and instead spend their lives singing “The Grumbling Song!”

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