Old Testament Examples

Why was the Old Testament written? Why did God preserve 39 books of Law, History, Poetry & Prophecy? I’ve been pondering this as we head today for a seminar entitled “Kingdom Through Covenant.” Please pray for Dr. Gentry, one of our adjunct profs at Toronto Baptist Seminary who will teach the Word. Pray for understanding and discernment as we all listen and engage with God’s truth. We are blessed with yet another opportunity to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Jude’s use of
1) The People of God delivered from Egypt and led to the “Promised Land,”
2) The Rebellious Angels who defied God and were removed from God’s Presence, and
3) The Self-Indulgent Towns of Sodom and Gomorrah who “adjusted their views” on God’s design,
all serve as examples for New Testament believers.

What may we learn for our lives?
1) Past deliverance does not prevent future judgment necessarily. God’s forgiveness and grace does not give us a “free ticket” to sin.
2) No spiritual “position” prevents judgment. Angels, God’s messengers, faced His wrath and were not shown the mercy that sinful man was shown in the Garden of Eden.
3) Freedom to “do whatever we want” is dangerous. Those who insist on rebellion and defiance of God’s standards do ‘reap’ what they ‘sow.’ According to Romans 1 those who “give themselves up” to sinful behaviour are “given over” by God to that behaviour. One of the saddest evidences of judgment is seen when an individual is permitted to “go on sinning” with no interference from heaven. Meditate on Hebrews 12. Those who do not experience God’s discipline are not God’s children.

May our reading of Scripture result in life transformation! That’s the way God designed it for His glory!

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