He Shall have Dominion from Sea to Sea

I wrote this over 2 years ago. HE shall have dominion from sea to sea…..

Live Life! God's way

As Canada was formed as a result of decisions made in the conferences in the 1860’s, Psalm 72:8 was selected as a verse from which the name of the new country would be derived.   Referring to a future Messianic king, Solomon wrote “He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.”

Having just traveled across the western portion of this country in recent days, this text has been a subject of meditation for me.   What would it mean for Jesus Christ to have dominion across this land?  In one of our lunch hour conversations, one of our hosts expressed the sentiment, “I think the true gospel never took root in this province.”   Was his statement correct?   Is the mishmash of ministry options available reflective of a lack of true gospel ministry?

May I encourage readers of this blog to:

1) Pray…

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