Wholly Subject to Thee

White flags have been raised in surrender on many occasions. The raised flag symbolizes a complete surrender. I’ve often wondered how long it takes to get the word out to ordinary ‘soldiers’ that their army has surrendered. “Stop fighting,” “The battle’s over,” We are “wholly surrendered/subject” to those who have conquered us!

A Christian is one who has surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Calvin in today’s prayer declares that we are to be “Wholly Subject to Thee (GOD)”

Grant, Almighty God,
that since Thou hast been pleased to show to us the way in which we cannot err, provided we obey Thee–

O grant that we may render ourselves really teachable and ready to obey, and never undertake anything but what we know is approved by Thee nor turn aside on the right hand or on the left;
but continue in that form of worship Thou hast prescribed to us in Thy Word, so that we may be able to bear witness, not only before the world, but before Thee and the holy angels, that we obediently follow Thee.

And may we never blend anything of our own, but with submissive minds worship Thee alone and strive to render ourselves wholly subject to Thee until, having at length rendered to Thee due service through the whole course of our life, we shall reach that blessed rest Thy Son has procured for us by His own blood. Amen.

The hymn wasn’t written, but I believe Calvin would have called for the congregation to sing, “I Surrender All!”


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