Lifting Up Our Hearts

I am reading through “Lifting Up Our Hearts” a collection of 150 prayers written out by John Calvin. For those not ‘comfortable’ or ‘familiar’ with written prayers, consider how many are written out in the pages of Scripture. Both Testaments are filled with expressions of praise and petition, confession and consecration as men and women, young and old communicate with the God in whom they trust.

Apart from using the King James Version as the text of the Scriptures included in this book (which wasn’t even available to Calvin), the compiler has selected 150 prayers that encourage plenty of reflection.
e.g. “Pilgrimage in This World”

Grant, Almighty God,
since during our pilgrimage in this world we have daily need of the teaching and government of Thy Spirit,
that with true modesty we may depend on Thy Word and secret inspiration and not take too much on ourselves.

Grant, also, that we may be conscious of our ignorance, blindness, and stupidity, and always flee to Thee, and never permit ourselves to be drawn aside in any way by the cunning of Satan and of the ungodly.

May we remain so fixed in Thy truth as never to turn aside from it whilst Thou dost direct us through the whole course of our vocation, and then may we arrive at that heavenly glory that has been obtained for us through the blood of Thine only begotten Son. Amen!

Lots of food for thought here…..


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