God’s Filling of An Open Mouth

God promises, “Open your mouth and I will fill it!”

This is amazing.  It does not preclude careful observation, interpretation and application of Scripture but the proclamation of God requires the empowerment of God.

On many occasions while teaching and preaching I have asked God to fulfill this promise.  I’ll provide the open mouth, but before I permit anything to come out of that open mouth, I want GOD to fill it!

Every believer  given the opportunity to speak (I Peter 4:10-12) is to speak as one “speaking the very words of God.”   Representing God accurately, plainly, etc is no small challenge.

If God provides opportunities for you to testify, teach, preach and bring His word to others in groups large and small, ask HIM to fill your open mouth!  You’ll be amazed at what He does.   And then as His people are edified, make sure you give HIM the glory!

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