Chapter 2 – The Perished Kingdom

Chapter 2 in God’s Big Picture tackles the impact of The Fall, the reality of the implication of sinful choices made by Adam and Eve.

A talking snake

Whoever heard of a snake that speaks? 

The New Testament identifies the snake as Satan (Revelation 12:9; 20:2).   He is certainly not eternal.  The Bible gives no support for the kind of dualistic ideas that are found in some science-fiction films in which there is an eternal cosmic struggle between two equal forces of good and evil.

This is a solid reminder.  There are times when Satan is portrayed at practically the same level as God.   He was and is a creature, not the CREATOR.  He was and is limited, unlike God who is OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT and OMNIPOTENT.

The writer does not set out to answer all our questions; he simply tells us what we need to know.  It does not matter whether or not we understand where evil comes from….

The Bible is not an exhaustive topical study on evil, but further study of ALL of the books of Bible will give us a more complete understanding of the rebellion of Satan.   A wise principle engrained in me by one of my mentoring pastors is “ALL that the Bible teaches about a subject is the truth about the subject.”   Sadly many believers and unbelievers jump to faulty conclusions by not reading the entire Bible.   The systematic reading of books of the Bible reminds us that “Scripture interprets scripture.”  To learn more about a verse–study the paragraph; to learn more about the paragraph–study the chapter; to learn more about the chapter–study the entire book; to learn more about the entire book–study the Testament and ultimately the Bible.   Keep on digging for truth!  The riches of God’s buried treasures are found in the deep mine  shafts of His word.

An act of rebellion

Satan distorts God’s word and makes it sound harsher than it is……  He now starts to question God’s word…. Their sin is that of LAW-MAKING, not just LAW-BREAKING.

I found this insightful.  The essential nature of sin is the defiant “I want to be my own rule-setter…” “I’ll set the standards by which I will live.”   On July 4th Americans will celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY, for Christians every day is a DEPENDENCE DAY…. an opportunity to confess full dependence upon God and total helplessness without Him.  “I Need Thee EVERY HOUR…” is a hymn we need to sing again and again!

Broken relationships

Roberts highlights the disastrous consequences of sin.  What is broken?

The Fall of ManThe relationship between men and women.   Perfect trust and intimacy have now gone.  The battle of the sexes has begun.

We don’t have to look far to see sin’s impact on marriages.   In fact, this weekend in Toronto, another expression of defiance of God’s standards is being celebrated.   In case you’ve adjusted your perspective, reread Romans 1.

The relationship between human beings and creation.  The perfect created order is ended.  From now on it will be a struggle.

Witness the turmoil in creation.  Is anything predictable?   There are weather patterns, granted, but lots of exceptions and a created order groaning and struggling under the curse resulting from man’s sin.

The relationship between human beings and God

This is the core issue.   People in rebellion turn away from God and God turns away from them in judgment.


The perfect creation that God had established is now nothing but a distant dream.   A perfect world has been destroyed  by human rebellion.

The story goes on.   Roberts writes – “God works towards that wonderful end (where not only does God rule, but His rule is gladly accepted) right from the very beginning.”

Amen and Amen!   We who have trusted in Jesus Christ may well pray as we have been taught “YOUR KINGDOM come, YOUR WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven.”



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