Chapter 1 – The Pattern of the Kingdom

Chapter 1 of “God’s Big Picture” is entitled “The Pattern of the Kingdom.”

Genesis 1-2, the first two chapters of the Bible, show us God’s original, perfect creation.  They present us with a vision of how the world is meant to be.

The more I have studied, read and interacted with others, the more crucial I have understood Genesis 1 & 2 to be for our understanding.   I can still recall a great sermon series preached to our student body at Central Baptist Seminary on creation realities.   Larry Crabb, a Christian counselor, whom I was privileged to learn from in various seminars as well as his writing, presses home the implications of being made in the image of God, something Genesis 1 & 2 clearly affirms.

4 important truths about CREATION

1. God is the author of creation

Roberts states, “Whether he completed the job in six literal twenty-four-hour days or over a longer period does not really matter…… .What is important is the fact that God is the creator of all things.

I’ll leave that discussion to others at this point, but I agree whole-heartedly with his affirmation in DIVINE creation.   The psalmist reminds us, “It is HE who made us, and not we ourselves…..”  Psalm 100:3   There is no “self-made” man (or woman for that matter.)

I watched “The History of the World in Two Hours” from The History Channel last week.  Granted there are some great “special effects”  created with computer animation, but the huge leaps made in the presentation were even staggering for my non-scientific mind.     See this review from the New York Times.   Consider this outlandish comment – “…….might also qualify as almost everything you need to know about physics, geology, paleontology and a few other subjects.”   At least my atheistic high school science teachers acknowledged that evolution was and is a “theory!”

2.  God is the king of creation.

We rightfully sing, “Lord of all creation…”   The earth IS the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof……   The only proper response to this creator is worship.   “O come let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the LORD our God, our Maker….”   The essence of rebellion, of sinful defiance is man’s refusal to bow down.   It was not only the original “Good Friday” crowd which says, “We will NOT have this man to reign over us.”

3.  Human beings are the pinnacle of creation.

We are creatures and in God’s image we were made.   All people have great dignity and have been set by God to have dominion over all creation.   Roberts is correct when he states, “This is certainly not a charter for abuse,” but we have reached a point when animals are spoken of as children, when the U.S. Pet Industry  reports that $53.3 Billion was spent in 2012 in the pet industry!   As someone who has had their share of pets through the years, I appreciate animals, but it is only men and women who bear God’s image.

4.  Rest is the goal of creation

Roberts makes an interesting observation when he notes, “But no such end to the  seventh day is recorded; it continues.   In a sense, God has rested ever since.  He lives in a continuing Sabbath.”

I’m aiming to revisit this topic this year.   What does our Sabbath ‘rest’ look like?  What does it mean to “rest” in Jesus Christ?   The Sabbath is so much more than not working.

An “extra” plus for this book is the Bible study at the end of each chapter.   For many of us, this is where the real learning takes place, when we interact with the text of Scripture ourselves and like the Bereans, “see whether the things Paul said were so” (Acts 17:11)

As I conclude this post, may I commend to you Scripture Union’s The Story.   For those without another plan, it is a fresh approach of digging into the richest treasure in all the universe, God’s word.



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