The Sower

2013-05 The SowerI am a visual learner.  I love reading, listening to lectures, even the odd Master of Theology defense strikes a chord but all the more so when enhanced with diagrams or charts.  Something “clicks” in my brain and thus my motto might be “I SEE, therefore I UNDERSTAND.”

I have had Logos Bible Software for several years and enjoy the portability of this library of resources without the weight of 1,000s of books.

This morning as I logged on to continue a study I am doing, Logos updated more resources including this illustrated diagram of the Sower.   Take a look.   Perhaps it takes me back to my Sunday School days; perhaps I am more concrete in my thinking and less abstract.   Either way I am grateful for the artistic ability of those who can illustrate Scriptural truths in a magnificent diagram.

Wasn’t Jesus a “visual” teacher?   Didn’t he use birds, lilies of the field, sheep, lost coins, etc to communicate truth.   Perhaps all of us entrusted with the task of teaching could be more “creative” in our approach.  As for “video clips” “spectacular visuals,” etc  I am not sure they belong in the area of “preaching.”  But that’s a blog for another day…..   Something to think about…..

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