Knowing Jesus Christ & Making Him Known

Join me on a trek through this practical, challenging letter of First John which provides tests to determine a true knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Without any introduction like the other N.T. writers, John plunges headlong into his subject.   Perhaps the urgency of the hour, the crisis because of false teachers, or the opportunity to distribute this correspondence leads John by the power of the Holy Spirit to pen these words.

Nowhere in this five chapter letter do we learn the author’s name.   We learn in this opening paragraph that he was an eyewitness of the Word of Life and as such he is simply sharing from this profound encounter.    His sensory perception has included hearing, seeing and touching as he encounters this ‘life.’  This eternal life ‘appeared’ and John was privileged to encounter it.   Originating with God the Father, this life appears to John and others.   He is not alone in his knowledge of Christ and collectively having experienced true ‘life’ he joins the apostolic band in passing such knowledge along.

What fellowship opportunities are available!   What linking between first-generation Christians, new converts and the living God as He exists in the person of the Father and the Son.    Writing out this truth permits the joy of the author and/or the recipients complete.    Joy shared is joy completed.    Who would not find delight in sharing a genuine encounter with the living Christ?

Perhaps we are reluctant to witness, to share our faith, to pass on truth because we have not truly been impacted by it.   We know ABOUT Christ, but we don’t know Christ.   We know ABOUT truth, but we don’t know truth.   This opening paragraph calls us to a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ!   O to hear Him, to see Him with eyes of faith, to gaze upon His beauty and draw near to Him.

More, more about Jesus; More, more about Jesus;

More of His saving fulness see, More of His love who died for me!

Make this your prayer today!   Come to know Christ and then commit your life to making Him known!

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