Looking Up To God – Psalm 130

Last evening – February 12th I had the joy of preaching from Psalm 130. This psalm – a song of ascents or degrees – was probably sung by the worshipers on their way to the place of worship. What a great principle – Worship on your way to worship! Why should we start worshiping when the service begins? How much time have we already spent honoring our God for who He is and what He has done for us?

Here is a PowerPoint presentation I have used and adapted for an outline as I preached.

Psalm 130 – Looking Up to God

Now a few truths to consider.

MY CRY – Notice that the psalmist is not specific as to the circumstances which have brought him low. Does it matter if it is physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual? Perhaps various factors have weighed him down and he has reached a point of desperation. The truth is-he knows where to turn. He cries out for help, the LORD’s help because no other help will do.

As the hymnwriter penned, “I need Thee, O I need Thee, Every hour I need Thee….” A believer openly confesses his need of God at any time. His prayer is God-centred for only the help of God will meet the need of the hour.

MY CONCERN – Notice his awareness of the nature of God. Approaching God reminds him of who God is – God is a God of justice, holiness and the psalmist is a sinner. O to be forgiven by God – what relief, what mercy, what grace is available from God! His response – a new heart-felt fear of God, a new reverence for Him.

MY CONFIDENCE – God has heard the cry for help. Now the psalmist waits for God to act on His behalf. In order to sustain this period of waiting he fastens his hope in God’s word. What adds fuel to our faith but spiritual truth! Fervently waiting for God to act, he compares his lot with that of the city watchmen who guard the city at night.

MY CHALLENGE – Having experienced God’s reply to His cry for help, he know has a message to share with the nation. Other worshipers need to trust God. Others need to pour out their hearts to the LORD and learn of His mercy and grace and so in this final stanza the psalmist assures others that the LORD is worth knowing. Because of God’s unfailing love and abundant redemption, they may put their hope in Him.

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