Refusing to Return

At the crest of the hill of the farm property where I grew up, my dad had Gospel Text Ministries erect a sign with Amos 4:12 “Prepare to meet thy God.”
We tobogganed down that hill and I often thought the sign was appropriate! Whenever visitors came to our property, they too saw this warning.
I wonder how many of them prepared? It is appointed unto man once to due and after this judgment so we must be prepared! Let’s pray today that God will awaken our nation which is so ill-prepared to meet God.
God takes full responsibility in Amos 4 for all the events that have applied pressure to the lives of the nation. Again and again He has “turned up the heat,” yet they refuse to learn what He is seeking to teach them.
What does Amos 4 teach us?
a) the Sovereignty of God;
b) the mystery of God’s Providence;
c) the Total Depravity of Man

Are we prepared to meet God? Am I prepared to meet Him?

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