A Highway to Hell – The Destructive Power of Sexual Immorality

Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.   Proverbs 7:27 (KJV)

Her house is the way to Sheol (Hades, the place of the dead), going down to the chambers of death.   Proverbs 7:27 (Amplified)

She runs a halfway house to hell, fits you out with a shroud and a coffin. Proverbs 7:27 (The Message)

Her house is the way to Sheol, going down to the chambers of death. Proverbs 7:27 (ESV)

No matter what translation you prefer, Proverbs 7 issues a solemn warning about the danger of sexual immorality.   In our sex-saturated society with all its technological ‘advances’ we would do well to heed the urgency of the warning.   Long before the Internet would pump moral sewage into our society, the writer of this chapter addresses the issue of sexual sin.


Written in the format as a father addressing his son, this opening paragraph urges preventative maintenance.   Car owners have dashboards with warning signals, oil change mechanics post stickers on our windshields to alert us to our next appointment and medical appointments call us to an assessment of our physical condition regularly.   In verses 1-5 repeatedly the author calls us in for a “spiritual check-up” and implores us to build into our lives godly wisdom in anticipating upcoming battles.   Notice the words (NIV is what I am using here) – “keep” “store up” “guard” “bind” “write” “say” “call.”   We must not wait passively for the battle to begin–if we do, we shall be defeated.   Rather God’s word must be hidden in our hearts, built into the fabric of our characters and engaged with in order to be well-equipped for the certain onslaught of evil.   We are assured that wisdom and understanding if truly built into one’s life will keep us from yielding to the appeal of sexual temptation.


In the next section the author cites an observation he made regarding a “simple” or “foolish” young man who carelessly toys with temptation and ends up destroyed.   He is in the “wrong place” at the “wrong time” and as the darkness sets in he is moving away from the light.  How much sin is enough?  How quickly do you and I turn off the television set when a questionable image appears?   What accountability do you have in place for your internet usage?  How do you guard your heart from dwelling on the billboard image?  Keep the computer visible, install protective software, remember God’s zero tolerance of evil.

The married woman who is ready and willing to involve this young man in evil is dressed inappropriately, conducts herself defiantly and feigns preferred interest (even using religious language) in her seductive appeal.   Sadly I have heard ‘professing’ believers speak of finding someone who really cares, having one’s ‘needs’ met, even assuring questioning fellow believers that God brought this immoral relationship about!

In verse 18 she shows her distorted view of love.  This is unadulterated lust and the fool is no match for this temptress.

As the young man follows her (letting her lead him into evil), he becomes a slaughtered ox, a hunted deer and a snared bird (to use 3 analogies).   He follows her into destruction.  The wages of sin is death and his payday has come.

In one final appeal, the author flashes a warning signal.  LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION, the issue is one of the heart.   This woman’s house is on the highway to hell.   As one more car misses the curve and the bodies are extricated from the wreckage, the author pleads with the reader to stop.   Take inventory – what are you watching?  what do you tolerate?  where will this addiction lead you?    Will you sow destruction into your life or will you heed the warning, resist these temptations and preserve your life, your family from moral chaos?



One thought on “A Highway to Hell – The Destructive Power of Sexual Immorality”

  1. I Pray every heavenly conscious xtian be free from the tragedy of imorality b/c it is deadly and hell bound in Jesus name.

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