Nunc Dimittis – Simeon’s Departure Song

In this final of 4 songs from Luke 1 & 2, Simeon expresses his full confidence in God who has kept His promises.

How does Luke 2 describe Simeon?
A Jewish man – He was part of the Old Covenant.   He knew God has made a promise to provide salvation and now seeing the Christ-child this promise was to be fulfilled.

A righteous / devout man – Were all Jewish men devout?   Not necessarily – but Simeon was.   He walked in God’s ways and sought to live right before Jehovah.

A hope-filled man- He had been waiting and waiting and waiting in expectation.   Guided by the Spirit he came to the temple at the “exact time” when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus.   Simeon’s hopes were about to be realized.

A Spirit-anointed man – What did it mean for him to be filled with God’s Spirit?   O to know this anointing.

God’s Sovereignty
Have I yielded to God’s Sovereignty over my life?
God’s Servant
Am I serving God with my time, talent and treasure?
God’s Salvation
Have I experienced salvation myself and am I seeking to share it with others?

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